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Dr. Walton Weidong Che

Dr. Walton Weidong Che is Specialized in Hematology & Oncology in TCM.

Graduated from two top Medical Schools of China
Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1977~1982)
Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1984~1987)

Former Chief Physician:

Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Guangdong Province, China (1987~1996)

Former President of United Association of Acupuncture and TCM of BC
Descendant of Fang's Acupuncture

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Dr. Che TCM & Acupuncture Inc. (Walton NatHealing Centre, WNHC) provides the following professional service with Yi Medicine technique according the oldest, highest Chinese philosophy theory-Yi Xue (from Yi Jing)

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